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Lawn Problem: Moss

Updated: Feb 8

Moss is growing thick and fast, especially in areas of shade, and even more if leaves have fallen. Heavy dew at this time of year will also encourage it's growth.

Moss (in a nutshell)

A small flowerless green plant, which lacks true roots, growing in low carpets or rounded cushions in damp habitats, and reproducing by means of spores released from stalked capsules.

Because moss thrives in damp conditions it is less common in free draining soils and more so in clay rich soils, but whatever is your case be sure to clear leaves off regularly and to mow at the right winter height to give the grass a chance to establish roots and grow through and flourish.

Autumn leaves covering grass lawn creating moss environment

Mosses grow slowly and are tolerant of shade and close mowing and are able to populate turf situations when turf grasses are under stress and bare soil areas are available for the moss to invade. Moss can spread either by spores or by detached fragments of the parent plant material. However mosses are less tolerant of wear. Mosses are not the cause of turf decline but a symptom of environmental conditions or poor maintenance regimes.

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